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Abandon all you’ve ever known about health, nutrition, and weight loss. I’m Beanie Robinson, certified holistic London nutritionist, and here at The Health Space, I help you completely transform your diet and lifestyle by tuning into your body’s needs. I break down nutrition and weight loss in a sustainable, manageable way so that you can fulfill your goals effortlessly.

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Weight Loss

Quit the fads and master your diet with a plan built around you – meet your weight loss goals for good. Get 24/7 support and a bespoke meal plan



Polycystic ovary syndrome hurts your reproductive hormone levels. The good news? You can manage the effects of PCOS with a targeted diet



The menopause can be a stressful time, but a managed diet tailored (just) to you can drastically minimise the symptoms

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Your wedding day glow starts from within. A 12-week bespoke nutrition plan will help you look, feel and be your best on the big day

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What can I say about working with Beanie! From start to finish, it was such a wonderful experience. Beanie put together a programme that was structured and simple to work through, and more importantly has been easy to continue and maintain. It was not just focused on losing weight in a healthy way but also looked at my life more holistically to increase energy and overall wellbeing. I lost the target weight that I wanted to during the 12 weeks steadily and controlled, and I have continued to maintain my weight and increased energy levels.I would totally recommend working with Beanie to anyone serious about their wellbeing and getting healthy. Thank you Beanie for all your time and support.
Such a lovely helpful inspiring person! I’m really enjoying my journey with Beanie. Provides great recipes too!
Response from the owner: Katie, thank you. Its a pleasure working with you and I am SO pleased you are feeling the benefits of all your positive & healthy integrations.
Beanie helped me understand how to adjust my diet to my way of living and find the right balance of fat/ proteins/ fibres…in my plate.She’s a very good listener and has nice advice and experience.Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thank you Jessica!
Beanie’s warmth and expertise were evident from our first meeting, she quickly identified that my excessive consumption of nuts was affecting my health. With her advice I made better food choices, my energy levels are up, and I’m feeling much better! Highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and overall health! Many thanks, Beanie!
Response from the owner: Giorgio, it is a pleasure working together and I look forward to more successful results!
Beanie has a wealth of knowledge, is really really lovely to talk to, offers fantastic advice and would recommend anyone to book a session
Response from the owner: Annie, thank you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if any new questions pop up as you embark on building your Nutrition Business.
Beanie is a wonderful nutritionist, she is super passionate, supportive and excited about my journey! She approaches nutrition realistically, incorporating all other important areas of my life. She is a warm and intelligent person who is super easy to open up to. I highly recommend her services 🙂
Response from the owner: Tabatha, it is such a joy seeing you achieve such incredible results. You have a beautifully holistic approach to your health; mind and body and your commitment and consistency will no doubt see many more fantastic results as you continue on this journey! Incredible effort.
Beanie has been incredible on my journey to understanding my personal nutrition and energy levels. Small incremental changes that have transformed my day to day life. I couldn’t be more grateful or recommend more!
Response from the owner: Oli, thank you, it is such a pleasure working together! Your commitment and enthusiasm for making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle is inspiring and I am so pleased you are feeling the effects of your efforts in your energy levels and day to day life. X
Working with Beanie has been a game changer for me. After nearly 3 months there are changes in my diet that will be changes for life, and I feel so much more confident about what choices to make than I ever have. The thing that has helped me most is the compassion, I needed support that was non judgemental and took into account my emotional relationship with food and my coping mechanisms. It feels like she’s always with me and the consistent phone calls have made all the difference. My energy is different, the way I feel about myself is different and most importantly for me – the PMS and hormonal symptoms have significantly improved. I feel really grateful to have found her and know I can only go onwards and upwards from here.
Response from the owner: Melissa, it has been such a wonderful journey working together. Your commitment to personal growth and development is amazing and totally inspiring. I am so looking forward to hearing about all the many things you go on to achieve. Thank you!
I connected with Beanie for a consultation regarding a business idea I am pursuing for a nutrition product. She was a wealth of knowledge and a joy to chat with! Definitely recommend for anyone who needs guidance on nutrition.
Response from the owner: Jenna, I am so looking forward to hearing how your nutrition product goes. Wishing you ALL the luck!
I worked with Beanie to set healthy habits on my nutrition, but as things go we worked on so much more – stress management, sleep and mindset. I really enjoy how flexible Beanie is to adapt to my lifestyle and needs. Would truly recommend working with her.
Response from the owner: Maria, thank you for your amazing openness and willingness to adopt new healthy habits that support you demanding and busy work schedule. I am so pleased you are seeing results & I look forward to witnessing many more.
Coming back to leave another five-star review…after finishing up a bit more work with Beanie, I can happily say she’s one of the sweetest, most understanding people I’ve ever worked with. Always responsive, and ready to explain concepts or offer support as needed. You won’t regret booking in with her, just do it!
Response from the owner: Sonja, it is honestly such a pleasure working with you and thank you SO much for all your amazing hard work. Here’s to more successes together.
Amazing person and very thorough with explaining everything. Really helped me to put my food in order
Response from the owner: Such a treat working together! I am so pleased you have a healthy food routine you can stick to long term and continue to see the great results.
Beanie is a dream! I got in touch with her while I was looking for different ways to tackle my endometriosis pains. She is knowledgeable, realistic, clear and a great listener – it’s these of her many great qualities that helped me slowly replace weaker elements of my regular diet with more nourishing, healing foods. My pains have genuinely almost vanished but what was more surprising is that I didn’t experience the same level of period lethargy that I normally do. I have yet a long way to go (we’re currently tackling how to reduce my processed snacks) but Ive seen significant results already and feel excited about all the learning coming my way. I genuinely could not recommend Beanie more!
Response from the owner: Shruti, you are such a pleasure to work with. So up for trying new things & I am so delighted you have seen a change in your endometriosis pains & lethargy. I look forward to you experiencing many more fantastic results as we tackle the ultra processed snacks. Thank you for making my job such a joy! X
Beanie’s holistic approach to health has transformed the way I approach and feel about food. 3 weeks in and I feel more energised, my skin is glowing, my rosacea is less inflamed and I’ve never felt better in my own skin. This has been so much more than a nutrition plan; it’s a lifestyle and mindset shift that stays with you forever. This has been the best self-care investment I have ever made. Thank you Beanie! x
Response from the owner: Sarah, thank you for such a thoughtful review. You are a JOY to work with and it’s such a treat to see you glowing and feeling so vibrant! I am so looking forward to witnessing many more wonderful results. X
Result! Only worked with beautiful Beany for 4 weeks but she gave me the ‘nudge’ that I’d been looking for to change my eating habits and lifestyle. She steered me in the right direction and educated me on a whole new range of recipes/ingredients, that before had only been eaten by our children’s generation! Discipline and confidence has reappeared back in my day to day life and I’m extremely grateful for her encouragement and guidance …. I lost half a stone! Thank you!
Response from the owner: Jules, I am so pleased you have reached your goal and lost the half a stone. I am so pleased you have introduced all these new ingredients and found something that you can continue with going forward. Thank you for being such a joy to work with. Long many these fantastic results last!
Beanie is amazing, I’ve learnt so much from her and her support and encouragement has been invaluable.
Response from the owner: Lily, you are so brilliant to work with and I really look forward to us doing more work together.
Working with Beanie has been a transformative experience for my health and well-being. The sessions were always informative and straight to the point, empowering me with the knowledge to make better choices independently.Beanie was instrumental in helping me reach my goals and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and lifestyle.
Response from the owner: Ismael, thank you. It’s a delight working with you & I am so pleased to see you establish such a brilliant & strong healthy routine!
My journey with Beanie at The Health Space has been nothing short of life-changing. Her personalised approach to nutrition and health not only helped me tackle my weight loss goals but also instilled sustainable eating habits that have fundamentally transformed my lifestyle.Beanie’s passion and dedication are evident in every session, making the process enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. Working with her has not only led to significant health improvements but has also empowered me to make mindful choices about my well-being every day.
Response from the owner: Charlie, it has been such a pleasure working with you. Your commitment to the programme has been really inspiring and I am so delighted you are experiencing such brilliant results. You are looking fantastic & totally glowing from the inside out. Thank you for being such a joy to work with!
Played a huge part in my weight loss journey. Really started to look at food differently and how nutritious it is for me, choosing to have foods high in nutrition as opposed to the usual choices I was making which wasn’t helping my weight loss. Beanie was SO helpful and the food pics along with the consistent meetings were a great help.
Response from the owner: Shareefa, thank you. It is amazing to witness your weight loss results. Such an incredible effort and complete shift in the way you are nourishing your body. Let’s keep going for more fantastic results!
I recently had the pleasure of working with Beanie, and have been very happy with the results. Her passion for helping others lead healthier lives was evident. I was particularly impressed by her personalized approach to nutrition; she took the time to understand my unique needs, crafting a plan that was effective and adapted to my lifestyle.Throughout our sessions, Beanie was incredibly supportive and encouraging. She provided practical tips for overcoming challenges and staying on track, as well as always being available for ongoing support between sessions via WhatsApp.Thanks to Beanie’s guidance so far, I’ve seen significant improvements in my energy levels, mood, and overall well-being. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Theodora, Thank you! It is fantastic seeing you commitment to living such a holistically healthy lifestyle; mind and body. Thank you for being such a joy to work with and so open to trying to new ways of nourishing your body. I am so pleased you have noticed energy level changes, as well as mood improvements! I look forward to you experiencing many more rewarding results!
Response from the owner: Such a pleasure working with you on the magazine cover!
I’m thrilled that I decided to start working with Beanie. It’s been two months exactly since I started the weight loss programme, and I feel set up for life. Beanie has not only provided me with the tools I needed to meet my goals, but with her gentle guidance and the advice she provides in our regular check-ins has kept me accountable for achieving them. The weight has been falling off, so if you’re currently debating whether to reach out to Beanie, go for it!
Response from the owner: Jenny, you are such a Model Student to work with. It is amazing to witness you achieving your health goals, what a brilliant start to your year! I am so pleased you are experiencing the weight loss results you were looking for when you began the Programme. I am even more delighted you feel set up for life, this is huge. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and generous review!
Beanie is fantastic. She gives you tangible wisdom and honest advice to get you to where you want to be. She goes above and beyond to answer any questions or respond to queries. Recommend
Response from the owner: Ruth, you are such a joy to work with & I can’t wait for you to feel SENSATIONAL on your Wedding Day! X
Beanie is a wonderful nutritionist and a great mentor for a healthy lifestyle approach. She has helped me shift some of the baby weight I was struggling to shift for a couple of years in a couple of months, and the weight keeps coming off! She provides great food recipes and more generally food menus, fully tailored for individual needs. She is a great coach who knows how to tweak things if plateaus appear and restart the weight loss process. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you Beanie for all your help
Response from the owner: Ingrid, you are a total joy to work with. Thank you for being so consistent and dedicated to the dietary changes. I am SO delighted the weight loss keeps healthily coming off and you can finally wave goodbye to stubborn baby weight. Here’s to many more fabulous results. X
Beanie has been a huge support and inspiration, giving great meal plan suggestions, even looking at restaurant menus with me to choose suitable options. She understands that different people have different sorts of lives and helps one adapt to that. Always there to consult if necessary, encouraging not judgemental, and never making it feel onerous to follow her plan. Weight loss has been great and I just hope I can continue in the same way, remembering all the pointers I have been given.Six weeks later …… despite two skiing trips and the odd dinner party I am a further half stone down. (I lost a stone in the time I was working with Beanie.). Beanie has really given me long lasting tips and I am hopeful there is still more weight loss to come. She is so encouraging, even now when I have finished her programme, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed I can remember all her tips and that they keep working !
Response from the owner: Thank You Sarah, you have been such a delight to work with and I am so pleased you have seen such fabulous weight loss during the trickiest time of the year! Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beanie for quite some time now, and she’s been an absolute gem! She’s had over a hundred sessions with our chronic pain patients, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Less pain, weight loss, and even better skin – our patients can’t stop talking about the improvements they’ve seen. But what really sets Beanie apart is how she listens and genuinely cares. She always goes the extra mile, and is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. She’s truly one in a million.
Response from the owner: Isak, Thank you! It has been such a pleasure & a joy working together over the last year and getting fabulous results with Chronic Pain clients. It is so incredible to see the improvements with pain, energy levels, skin and weight loss. Here’s to helping thousands more get pain free & optimising their health!
I had such an amazing experience working with Beanie. She has really helped me develop sustainable and mindful eating habits, which is something I haven’t been able to get a handle on, until now! I feel educated and informed on what I am putting in my body and feel really good about myself. Would definitely recommend. Thank you so much Beanie!
Response from the owner: Lily, it is such a pleasure working with you & I am so delighted you have managed to develop such a sustainable and healthy eating style that suits your body. Long may these fantastic habits last!
Beanie is amazing! She was able to help me through some challenges that I have been trying to work on for many many years, which was refreshing considering how many failed experiences I have had in the past. Her encouragement and amazing evidence-based knowledge are inspiring and the changes you experience when working with her are much more than just physical! You can trust Beanie to help you in every single dimension of your health and weight loss, knowing that she has it all covered, from the impacts on your health, mental health, hormones, weight, etc, there are no blind spots for her and that’s what makes her so unique. Meeting her was truly a life-changing experience and I couldn’t be happier with everything I have been learning and achieving! I recommend Beanie 1000% 🙂
Response from the owner: Mariana, thank you! You are a total delight to work with. It is such a joy being part of your Health journey and seeing you get such incredible results. You have adapted to this new way of eating like a superstar and thank you for being so enthusiastic and engaged in the programme. Here’s to many more fabulous results.
I have lost 5kg in a month since joining the health space, something I wasn’t able to achieve on my own for whole year. Beanie taught me how to eat right with kindness and a lot of support. I am grateful for all your help 😊.
Response from the owner: Rahma, you are AMAZING. I am so pleased you are seeing such fabulous weight loss results. Incredible effort and I look forwards to more brilliant results.
Beanie is such a gem! I’m so happy I found her. What makes her stand out is that she approaches nutrition in a very holistic way – psychology, the microbiome, meal timings, latest research in the space, etc. – there’s no mention of strict macros or calories. And the best thing is that it’s all personalised (e.g. “what if I’m plant-based”?) and specific (e.g. “what brands would be best?”) – this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Beanie for being fantastic and encouraging me to focus on nourishing my body & being kind to myself!
Response from the owner: Maggie, thank you! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and to discuss all things Nutrition. I am honoured to be part of your health journey & I look forward to witnessing & celebrating your continued growth with you.
Having a long term history of anxiety associated with losing weight and committing to ‘diet’ programs without succeeding; I was not sure if The Health Space was going to work for me, but I knew I had to do something about losing weight.I want to state that contacting Beanie and working with her to gain a better understanding of myself and food was the best thing I have ever done and wish I was confident to take the leap much earlier on.In under two months I lost a stone so easily and comfortably without feeling deprived – it was actually enjoyable. I lost this weight in the weeks leading to Christmas – the hardest time to do it!I ate and used foods that I wouldn’t usually consider and learnt so much about how they made me feel.I felt that I learnt a lot about how food impacts me and what I need to do to get the results.What I really appreciated was that I didn’t ever feel ‘pressurized’ to not have this or that it was a gentle but well executed guidance to advise me on what I needed to do to enhance my nutrition.Prior to Beanie I would like to say that I had good knowledge about how to get the results with food and exercise as well as know what to do with random ingredients but I felt that I still was not reaching my weight loss goals. To get you to that step you really need the right guidance.Whilst I still have lot of work to do to reach my ultimate weight loss goal I feel so much more in control of what I am doing and more that the foods that help me are a part of my lifestyle rather than feel restriction.The anxiety or guilt associated with food has disappeared for and I have never felt that sense of strength with other well know diet groups.I would love to work with Beanie again in the future but perhaps on new goals.Thank you Beanie x
Response from the owner: Jaspreet, Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and beautiful review. I am so delighted you gained so much from the Nutrition Programme. Your openness to trying new things and shifting your approach to nourishing your body is admirable. You should be incredible proud your weight loss achievements and more importantly that you have the tools to maintain it. Long may it last & I am always here if you feel you need more support. X
I have been working with Beanie for a few months now and she has been fantastic. Beanie is approachable and has given me a lot of confidence in this process. She has a wealth of knowledge and has given me great tools to improve my diet and become more autonomous when it comes to “getting back on track” on my own. I can highly reccomend her.
Response from the owner: Camilla, happy new year! You are a total joy to work with. So open and ready for the change and never shy of a challenge. Fantastic effort and I am so pleased to watch you reach your goals! Long may it last!
Absolute brilliant and really helped with managing my diabetes
Response from the owner: Mo, it is a total pleasure working with you. You have made so many incredible dietary changes and I am just so pleased you are managing your diabetes and blood sugars so well and meticulously. Brilliant work!
Beanie is so helpful and knowledgeable and has a lovely personal, positive focus on your well being and goals. She helps you understand about foods – those that are good and those not so good. For me understanding more about nutrition, calories, the impact of sugars, etc has really helped make a change for healthy tasty foods 😊. Beanie can help you achieve better health and energy levels – I highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Response from the owner: Thank you Simon for your lovely review. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. 🙏
Fantastic service from Beanie. I reached out to her for some guidance and she was more than happy to help and give me her time. I am very grateful to her for that and I have taken away a lot of great advice.
Response from the owner: Christy, good luck with your nutrition business! I imagine it will be a huge success, enjoy the process and let me know if you have any further questions regarding getting started.
Four weeks in, and I can’t be any happier!. I lost the stubborn fat due to her amazing program and my weight keeps going down. My favorite part is the alternatives Beanie shares with me. I still drink my chai lattes, eat my favorite bowls and snack on amazing dips. My only regret is that I wish I got to know her sooner. Other than that, I AM 1000% satisfied.
Response from the owner: Sheikha, your focus is totally inspirational and I am just so pleased you are seeing such incredible healthy weight loss and feeling the effects of the weight loss programme. Your enthusiasm and questions are fantastic and I look forward to you experiencing many more rewarding results! Fantastic effort.
Working with Beanie made me so much more aware of my body and what I’m putting into it. She shared lots of practical tips and helped to keep me accountable, which was much needed. It was a great 12 week program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t properly considered their personal nutrition!
Response from the owner: Freya, thank you! I am so pleased you have found the 12 Week Programme beneficial and I loved that you mentioned seeing differences to your Skin & Gut health. Such a pleasure working with you, have a fabulous time in Australia
Very sweet and energetic nutritionist who is very knowledgable in her field of work! Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Lulu, it’s a pleasure working together and being part of your Nutrition Journey.
Beanie has helped me out so much in the last few months. I was really struggling to lose my baby weight after having my son and she changed the way I look at building meals which means that I will continue to benefit even once our sessions finished!
Response from the owner: Incredible effort Caroline! Really looking forward to you reaching that pre-Xmas goal!
I have loved working with Beanie. She put together a plan for me that was easy to follow and without judgment. Sometimes these plans feel like you have to overhaul your life completely which can be overwhelming and ultimately, unsuccessful. What I loved about Beanie is that it was about making small changes to start with and then building on them. A few differences made a big impact and I’ve changed the way I eat without making massive changes and feeling like I’m missing out on things I love (hello wine!).Beanie is always available and so supportive every step of the way, I highly recommend her!
Response from the owner: Victoria, thank you! You have been such a pleasure to work with & you really have built a new framework for eating which will work for the long term! I am just so pleased these small changes have added up to make a big difference. Sending lots of love to you!
Beanie is an amazing nutrition coach. She is always so enthusiastic and helpful. She is full of knowledge and definitely knows what she is talking about. I would highly recommend her.
Response from the owner: Tishy, it’s so wonderful delving into the Nutrition World together. Thank you for all your hard work.
I honestly can’t recommend Beanie enough! Coming across The Health Space changed my life. For too many years I have been struggling with PCOS symptoms such as severe acne, brain fog, low energy levels and others. I never managed to find someone who could help me resolve these for good, until I found The Health Space. I am 1 month and a half in the nutrition program that Beanie tailored for me, and I have never felt better. All of my PCOS symptoms are gone, I lost 2 kg by the 3rd week into the program, and my overall health definitely improved. The program is suitable in the long term as it’s not restrictive at all, and Beanie is very supportive and available to offer advice, anytime. Thank you Beanie!
Response from the owner: Valeria, it is SO brilliant working with you! Your openness to approach nutrition in a whole new way is incredible. I am so pleased you seeing such fantastic results with your PCOS symptoms and your healthy sustainable weight loss. I look forward to many more beautiful results to come!
Beanie has been absolutely wonderful to work with and I have learnt so much! Currently about halfway through my 3 month plan and it’s going so well. I feel a lot better in myself, my eating habits are definitely a million times better and I can also notice some weight dropping off too. The best thing is that she recognises and emphasise it’s a lifestyle change rather than a diet, which will undoubtedly make it easy to continue after the 3 months. I’ve cooked with so many new and exciting foods I never would have cooked before and learnt so much about fuelling my body right! I would recommend Beanie to anyone 🙂
Response from the owner: Kayleigh, you are a total dream to work with. Thank you for being so open to exploring new ways of nourishing your body. I am so delighted you are feeling the results and also feeling like this new way of eating is sustainable long term. Brilliant effort and here’s to many more fantastic results!
I collaborated with Beanie on a course and she’s a total professional! An absolute expert in her field and delivering the information with patience, kindness, and fun. Would absolutely work with Beanie again!
Response from the owner: Jeanne, it was a total pleasure collaborating with you! Your knowledge, passion and expertise in the world fermentation is just amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift in such a fun, informative and experiential way! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Beanie has been a wonderful nutrition coach and she has helped me get to my goal. She is always cheerful and enthusiastic and full of very wise knowledge. I would highly recommend her.
Response from the owner: Honor, thank you! It is such a pleasure working with you and I just so pleased you are seeing the fantastic results!
Beanie is a very knowledgeable and deeply caring nutritionist. Her advice has resulted in very positive changes to my health and life.
Response from the owner: Thanks Yakov, it’s such a pleasure working together & I am so pleased you are noticing the positive changes. Long may they last & many more to come.
All my life, i have suffered with weight issues, tried all diets, so many different nutritionists and i can definitely say Beanie is the by far the best. Not only her method works but she definitely care about you, she personalises your plan and her focus is healthy weight loss and long term nutrition, as opposed to quick weight loss which usually results in putting it back on. Her plan is flexible around your lifestyle so it’s easy to follow, and is complimented by a lot of healthy options when you are out and about. The ongoing support is also amazing as it helps you get back on track quickly if fell off the cracks. Her personality engagement is super motivating.All in all, i can’t recommend her more!!! I lost the weight and have stuck in healthy choices and i’m super happy about it
Response from the owner: Manos, it is such a pleasure and joy working with you and I am delighted you are feeling the results of your committed efforts to healthily changing your eating behaviour and habits. Thank you for being so open to trying new things and your consistent dedication to the programme. Here’s to many more fabulous results!
Beanie has been great, she has taught me different types of foods that make my body feel better and have loved sending her my meals throughout the day. I would definitely recommend her 12 week program.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jemima, it’s such a pleasure working together & your commitment to the programme is fantastic!
Beanie was super helpful, enthusiastic and thorough. I contacted Beanie as I have felt that my long term vegan diet may be lacking in nutrients that was leading me to become ill more regularly. Beanie supplied me with lots of information and tons of ideas to eat more nutrient dense and a greater diversity of plant-based foods, plus formulate new healthy habits.
Response from the owner: Thank you Caroline! A pleasure working together! 🙏
Beanie is super kind, understanding and a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend to anyone looking for long term change. I particularly love how Beanie understands that Rome wasn’t built in a day and encourages small steps toward success, rather than trying to achieve everything over night.
Response from the owner: Jen, thank you! I really admire your approach to this programme. Slow and steady change, implementing lasting healthy habits, you are such a pleasure to work with.

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"Beanie is a true GODSEND! Having been diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, I have struggled with my weight and proper nutrition for a long time! The thought of changing my diet and exercising more has always overwhelmed and scared me. With Beanie’s help I finally feel strong enough to address these things. It’s only been six weeks, but the changes are already massive. Beanie is gently pushing on the right track at my own pace. Even when things don’t go as planned, she never makes me feel bad in any way, but instead encourages me to continue. At the same time she also doesn’t let me get away with (lame) excuses, which I definitely need! I feel like I have already learnt so much about nutrition and my own body and for the first time in many years, I feel like I might actually loose the weight and live a happy and healthy life even with PCOS. I am only at the beginning of this journey, but without Beanie I wouldn’t be on this journey at all. Thank you so much for everything!"
"Beanie has been a joy to work with! She is warm, thoughtful, thorough, and always happy to put in more time and effort into any question or concern one may have. Her programs are incredibly tailored to the individual and prioritise flexibility and kindness to oneself"
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Absolutely brilliant online nutritionist! Beanie is kind and easy to talk to. She will push you when needed but in a way which is encouraging and non judgmental.
Olivia Spencer

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