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Hello, I Beanie, your Certified Holistic Online Nutritionist. I’m here to help you feel your best through nutritional and lifestyle changes.

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Step 1

Discovery Call

Your first 20-minute discovery call with me is complimentary. 

Step 2

Initial Consultation

(75 minutes)

After you have officially joined the program, I’ll get to know you better, and we’ll work together to plan your weekly meals. I will also help you with lifestyle routines and suggest mindfulness practices for you to do during the next 12 weeks. 

Step 3

Weekly Check-Ins

(25 minutes)

Let me be your accountability partner! I’ll check in with you every week, and we’ll go over any possible changes to your meal plans. We’ll also discuss your plans for the week to keep you on track with your goals despite any upcoming events. You receive one check-in video call or online consultation. 

Step 4

Post-Program Option

Although this weight loss program typically lasts for 12 weeks, I have an add-on option if you wish to continue working together after achieving your weight loss goal. With the Weight Loss Maintenance Program, you receive monthly support (3 months) to further ingrain your newfound healthy lifestyle routines. If you would like to increase the number of months, we can do that as well!

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Whether you’re looking to take back control of your health or you want to achieve your weight loss goal before your wedding day, my personalised weight loss programs for women and brides are just what you need to begin your journey.

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I’m Beanie Robinson, and I’m here to guide you toward a healthier you.


Women’s Retreats (UK & International)

Your health goals are personal and life-changing. That’s why The Health Space hosts weight loss retreats and yoga health retreats for women – in the UK and all over the world – to show you that weight loss and health don’t have to be daunting or stressful. We want to help you overcome the hurdles that have prevented you from achieving your health goals – for good.

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