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PCOS diet treatment

PCOS Diet Treatment: Emma Knightley Sees Incredible Results Using Beanie Robinson’s PCOS Diet Plan [Case Study]

Disclaimer: For personal reasons, the name of the client have been withheld. “Emma Knightley” is used in place of the client’s real name.

“23 years – that’s how old I turned when I was diagnosed with PCOS. 23kg – how heavy my suitcase was when I moved to the UK a few weeks after my PCOS diagnosis. 23kg – how much weight I have lost since last October. And with each kilo I lose, I get closer to finding myself again, thanks to Beanie’s PCOS diet treatment.” – Emma Knightley

PCOS is one of the most common conditions in women of reproductive age, with an estimated 8–13 per cent having significant metabolic and mental health consequences. Yet, it remains one of the most undiagnosed and often unmanaged in most people who have it. 

With the correct diagnosis, you can then look to manage symptoms such as weight gain, unwanted hair growth, headaches, mood swings, and an increased risk of developing health problems such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol

PCOS diet plan

It’s no surprise Emma was happy when she got her diagnosis. She said, “I remember feeling so happy, relieved and excited when I finally got the PCOS diagnosis. Finally, after years of uncertainty, I had an answer, and all the things I was struggling with now made sense. And maybe, just maybe, I could do something about it.”

Fortunately, with the proper PCOS diet treatment, you can improve and maintain a healthy diet. And that’s the incredible story of Emma Watson. 

Let’s rewind and start at the beginning.

Coming To Terms With The PCOS Diagnosis 

PCOS diet treatment
Emma Knightley (not real name)

Being diagnosed is the first step of the journey. You then have to make a conscious effort to change habits & behaviours to successfully manage your PCOS symptoms. But this can be challenging, which is quite understandable, and often why we need support. 

Emma went through the same phase. “The initial positive feelings after the diagnosis didn’t last. After a while, the magnitude of this diagnosis started to hit me. It took another four years for me to get to terms with the diagnosis and finally be ready to change something and give myself a chance at a happy and fulfilled life, despite the PCOS.” 

She further stated, “For the next four years of my life, I would often tell myself that I was too busy creating a life in the UK to deal with my PCOS. I believed that knowing what was wrong and why I experienced certain symptoms was enough. I accepted that PCOS was the burden I had to carry and never expected to lead a symptom-free life.” 

Emma, like most people, knew that a PCOS diet treatment can help with the symptoms. But they’re either afraid or don’t know where to start. In Emma’s case, she was overweight and insulin-resistant by the time she got her diagnosis. 

And any attempt to proceed with a PCOS diet plan she found online included massive restrictions and boring food, resulting in uncontrollable food cravings and weight gain. 

That led to Emma feeling “more ashamed and embarrassed”, and she was grateful that the COVID-19 conveniently provided an excuse for her to isolate herself.

But then, things changed when she met Beanie.

How Beanie Used Effective PCOS Diet Treatment To Help Emma 

PCOS diet plan
Beanie Robinson

“When I got the opportunity to work with Beanie and found out that she’s a certified holistic nutritionist, I made an appointment immediately, after I settled down and had much more stability.” Said Emma. 

But Emma had to overcome an internal problem. “Two weeks before my first appointment, I regretted making the decision and considered not turning up. And that’s because I wasn’t ready to open up to someone else about my struggles and, most importantly, ready for another failed attempt.” 

Regardless of the hesitation, Emma met Beanie for the first time and still wasn’t sure. But one statement changed everything. “I was still nervous when I met Beanie. But, then, she said, “I also have PCOS, so you’ve come to the right place.” That statement alone changed everything for me.” Emma said. 

After years of fighting this battle, Emma finally spoke to someone who knew and understood what she was going through and how to deal with it. 

Starting The PCOS Diet Treatment 

Starting the PCOS diet treatment was somewhat challenging for Emma. She knew that the PCOS diet plan Beanie was suggesting was necessary and would benefit her in the long run. But Emma wasn’t convinced she was strong enough to pull it off. 

She thought she would fail, and the first week, according to her, “seemed to prove me right.” 

For the first week of PCOS diet treatment, the plan was to: 

  • Change the breakfast, 
  • Dance for 20 minutes as an exercise, and 
  • Write down three things she loved about herself. 

However, Emma could only make the last point. “I felt ashamed and disappointed,” said Emma. But the lesson in the first session was to celebrate the small wins and improve on the ones that didn’t go well. And that’s what Emma did with the help of Beanie. 

Starting The PCOS Diet Treatment One Day At A Time 

PCOS diet treatment plan
Image source: Photo by Charlotte Karlsen on Unsplash

From that day onwards, Emma started taking everything one day at a time and started seeing improvement in her PCOS diet treatment. 

“Suddenly, I could implement more and more changes each day. For example, I tried eating avocado and salmon for breakfast, instead of bread with cheese or sugary cereal.” Said Emma. Even though she liked the PCOS diet plan, she didn’t find it her ideal breakfast “due to the lack of bread.”

So Emma changed it by eating porridge with chia seeds, flax seeds and fresh berries, which she did enjoy. The idea was to keep everything as simple as possible and find foods Emma wouldn’t have any mind eating regularly. That kept her from getting overwhelmed. 

PCOS Diet Treatment: Switching To Lunch 

Weight loss program
Image source: Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

After one week of figuring out the breakfast, we moved to the next item on the list – Lunch. “I love salad, so that was the dish I chose for my lunch. And because I always prepared this ahead, I quickly decided to make enough for dinner.” Said Emma. 

From that period onwards, Emma got adjusted to her new routine: porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch and dinner. This familiar routine helped Emma because she knew what food to expect the next day. And that provided stability through all the significant changes of her weight loss journey. 

“Over time, I perfected my daily salads by adding more and better ingredients like frozen peas instead of canned peas. I also kept things interesting by changing some of the ingredients each day. For example, one day, I would have salmon and the next day, chicken. Some days, I added almonds, and on other days I would have sunflower seeds instead.”  She said. 

Small changes like these can make a massive difference in your PCOS diet treatment. 

How Emma’s Health Have Improved Due To Effective PCOS Diet Treatment

Weight loss diet
Emma Knightley

Emma began noticing gradual changes as she settled with her new routine. She started losing weight and feeling better about herself. Before that, Emma used to be hungry all the time. 

But things changed: “suddenly, I started needing less food to get through the day while also having more energy. This newfound energy meant that I was able to go on morning walks. 

However, I’m not a sporty person and never particularly liked exercise, even when I wasn’t overweight. So going on these walks is still a struggle for me. I have enough energy, but convincing myself to go for a walk can be challenging.” Said Emma. 

Big Wins Experienced By Emma

Even though it’s still a struggle (and she’s improving on it each day), it’s still a massive win. And here’s why: “I had plantar fasciitis, so my feet always hurt terribly, especially if I had been sitting down for a while or standing for too long. That pain is completely gone now, making my life easier and more comfortable!” 

Here’s another big win: “During my previous flights, I needed a seat belt extender and asking for that always left me feeling super embarrassed. But I have lost around 8-9kg and can easily fasten my seat belt! And that was in December last year. My weight loss has increased since then!”

Another big win, yet again: “During Christmas, I also started doing intermittent fasting. Now I have my first meal of the day around noon and the second and final meal between 6-7 pm. My dad had been doing this for a while. But I was always convinced I would never be able to do this. 

And six months ago, that was probably true; as my hormone and blood sugar levels were out of control. I used to be constantly nauseous, especially in the mornings, and the only way I thought I could deal with this was by eating more.” 

Now, Emma can’t remember the last time she was nauseous. And because of that, she’s more productive in doing other things. As a result, Emma is now living a healthy life, and her confidence has skyrocketed! 

After that success, Emma moved to another country where she’s still losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and, most importantly, gaining her self-confidence. 

Final Thoughts 

Emma is still experiencing many good changes even after the PCOS diet treatment. Each change has improved the quality of her life significantly. And through that, she’s learning a lot about herself. 

“I am strong and determined, but patient and forgiving with myself. This is not how I would have described myself a few months ago, and I sometimes wonder where the strong and determined woman was for all those years.” 

When Emma started this journey, she weighed about 139kg and has lost 23kg and counting! Emma wants to do everything she has denied herself for so long. “There’s still so much I want from life, and after what I have achieved in the past few months, I no longer doubt that I can achieve a lot more.”  

As a nutritionist, I know you can do the same. You shouldn’t let PCOS hold you back and rob you of your life. 

Emma says it better, “I want to encourage everyone reading this. Don’t let anything hold you back. Maybe you have PCOS like me, or you’re struggling with something else. Whatever it is, it doesn’t define you. You are not alone. And believe me when I say: If I can do it, you can too!” 

Book a free discovery call now, and let me help you get your life on track, just like Emma.  

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