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Improve Your Sleep Hygiene: An Evening Routine for Better Rest

Evening wind down routine for improved sleep hygiene - sleeping

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Are you sick of feeling exhausted day after day? Tired of struggling to be productive in the mornings

If so, it’s time to improve your sleep hygiene by establishing an evening wind down routine.

Developing consistent pre-bed habits for good sleep can improve your sleep quality, leading to enhanced mood, cognitive abilities, confidence, work performance, and even a higher libido.

The key to better sleep is finding a routine that works for your lifestyle and sticking to it every night.

Your body’s circadian rhythms will adjust, helping you fall asleep and wake up more easily when you practice good habits.

Here are some tips for the ideal evening unwind routine to optimise sleep hygiene:

The 3-2-1 Rule


3 hours before bed – Stop eating and avoid alcohol/caffeine.

Consuming food too close to bedtime can cause discomfort and indigestion that disrupts sleep.

Alcohol and caffeine are stimulants that can keep you wired and prevent quality rest.

2 hours before bed – Stop working to improve sleep hygiene.

Replying to emails or thinking about work projects too close to bedtime leads to a racing mind.

You need to allow yourself to fully disengage.

1 hour before bed – Shut down screens like laptops, TVs, phones.

The blue light emitted suppresses your body’s natural melatonin production, tricking your brain into staying awake.


Make It Easy on Yourself

When you reduce morning friction, sticking to a sleep hygiene routine is easier.

Try laying out workout clothes and shoes by your bedside so you don’t have to hunt for them.

Prep lunch ingredients and pack bags for the next day too.

Placing items like journals, pens, and water bottles near the coffee maker reminds you of self-care tasks for your routine.

Small prep tasks allow mornings to run smoothly.


Give Yourself a Clean Slate

Don’t let yesterday’s clutter and messes drain your energy tomorrow and disrupt your sleep hygiene.

Before bed, tidy up the kitchen – clear food from countertops, load the dishwasher, and wipe down surfaces.

Put away any toys, books, or other household items left out.

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed instead of frazzled by your environment, promoting better sleep hygiene.


Set An Intentional Alarm

Think about what energising morning routine will set you up for success and better sleep hygiene.

Instead of using the same old alarm time out of habit, be intentional.

Adjust your wake time 30-60 minutes earlier if needed to make space for self-care activities like meditation, journaling, light exercise, or mindfully enjoying a peaceful breakfast.

When you set the alarm, you’re making a commitment to prioritise your own needs for improved sleep hygiene.


No Phones in the Bedroom for Optimal Sleep Hygiene

This is tough but powerful for sleep hygiene – charge phones outside the bedroom at night.

This prevents mindless scrolling through social media or emails that can stimulate the mind right before bed.

The blue light from screens also disrupts your circadian rhythms and melatonin production key to good sleep hygiene.

Your bedroom should be a relaxing, technology-free sanctuary for better sleep hygiene.

Evening wind down routine for improved sleep hygiene - phone

Wind Down for 1 Hour Before Bed

Spend the last hour before your scheduled bedtime relaxing with calming activities to optimise your sleep hygiene like reading fiction, listening to mellow music, taking a warm bath, gentle stretching, or meditating.

Avoid stimulating things like working, watching shows, or checking social media that can keep your mind racing and disrupt sleep hygiene.


Try Chamomile Tea

The antioxidants like apigenin in chamomile tea help reduce anxiety and promote sleepiness by binding to certain receptors in your brain, improving sleep hygiene.

Sipping a cup as part of your wind-down routine can make you feel pleasantly relaxed for.


Keep a Notepad Nearby

If you struggle with racing thoughts or remembering tasks at night, keep paper and pen on your nightstand.

Quickly jotting down any lingering thoughts or to-do’s can help clear your mind for sleep instead of lying awake thinking about it all.

Evening wind down routine for improved sleep hygiene - book and tea

Optimise Your Sleep Environment

Make sure your bedroom is an ideal sleep sanctuary.

The room should be cool (around 18°C), dark, quiet, and have breathable bedding.

Using calming colours like blue for walls along with dim lamps or salt lamps instead of bright overhead lights can improve sleep quality.


Each person may require slightly different bedtime habits, but the important thing for sleep hygiene is consistency.

Try to go to bed and wake up around the same times each day, even on weekends.

This allows your body’s circadian rhythms and melatonin levels to properly regulate sleep-wake cycles.


Start experimenting with these tips tonight to reclaim your evenings and wake up feeling rejuvenated, not exhausted.

With the right pre-bed routine optimising sleep hygiene, high-quality sleep, productive mornings, and overall better health are within reach.

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