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Enjoying a Healthy Christmas 2023-2024: Tips for Managing Your Eating

Managing healthy eating during christmas

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Enjoying a Healthy Christmas: Tips for Managing Your Eating

The Christmas season is chock-full of yummy foods and festive drinks—from office parties to Christmas dinner to New Years celebrations.

With all these tasty temptations over weeks of celebrating, it can be tricky to stick to healthy habits.

But with a spot of planning and some mindful choices, you absolutely can find balance and enjoy the season while caring for your body too!

Read on for my suggestions for navigating the festivities in a balanced way, so you can feast, drink and be merry without going overboard.

With these clever tricks, you can indulge wisely during this fabulous time of year!

Managing healthy eating during christmas

Fuel Up Each Morning

Start your day strong with a hearty, protein-packed breakfast. Tasty options like eggs, smoked salmon, and yoghurt/kefir will keep you feeling full for hours, preventing mid-morning energy dips that lead to poor food picks.

Det yourself up for success by front loading good nutrition!

Pair proteins with healthy fats like avocado and fibre from veggies or low-sugar fruits.

These combos stabilize blood sugar for lasting pep.

Mind Your Portions

A traditional Christmas dinner can be a perfectly nutritious and healthy christmas dinner, if you keep your portions sensible.

Fill half your plate with a rainbow of veggies to load up on antioxidants and fibre.

Take just a modest quarter portion of starchy sides like spuds, stuffing or bread.

Round out your balanced plate with a reasonable quarter protein portion from your roast bird, ham or nut loaf.

Go easy on rich sauces and gravies by limiting usage or skipping them altogether.

Allow yourself a small treat like Christmas pudding but watch your serving size to keep it to our ‘healthy christmas’ plan.

Managing healthy eating during christmas

Skip Sugary Mixers

When enjoying festive cocktails and other cheer-inducing beverages, choose simplified low/no sugar options like bubbly wine, prosecco or vodka sodas instead of overly sweet mixed drinks.

Swap out each alcoholic sip for some water to stay properly hydrated.

Sugary booze causes blood sugar spikes and crashes, leaving you drained and craving naughty eats the following day!

Make Mindful Choices

It also helps to understand how festive treats chemically impact your body, potentially sparking a hankering for more indulging.

Make mindful decisions about both what and how much you have, rather than eating on autopilot. Notice when you feel satisfied, so you don’t override those cues.

This mentality lets you revel in the season without going overboard!

Pick Your Splurge

Attempting to fully abstain from all sweets and treats during the nearly month-long festive season is unrealistic for most fun-loving folks. And I wouldn’t dream of asking anyone to just have a healthy Christmas without all the trimmings!

Instead, give yourself permission to carefully choose one gathering, outing or evening to indulge a bit more.

Having this planned splurge curbs urges to overdo it every other hoorah.

Just keep your selected indulgence modest—sip drinks slowly, focus on connections over food, order lighter fare or split desserts.

With awareness and balance, you can certainly maintain healthy habits during Christmas.

Hopefully these friendly tips will let you joyfully take part in the cosy comforts and conviviality of the season without derailing your goals!

I wish you a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year!

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