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Best Wedding Weight Loss Plan: How To Lose Weight Healthily 


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The best wedding weight loss plan doesnt need to have you feeling hungry. Particularly as it’s already a full-on time when it comes to wedding planning. However, you’ll still need a brilliant nutrition plan that will have you feeling incredible!

Your pre-wedding diet doesnt need to be outlandish or complicated. A diet rich in organic wholefoods, with regular mealtimes & healthy lifestyle habits; combined with a little self-discipline and focus is all it takes! However sometimes we need some support getting started…and along the way.

Let’s begin. 

What The Best Wedding Weight Loss Plan Won’t Do 


The diet plan discussed in this guide will help you feel and look your best for your wedding day. So there will be no strange fad diets or diet medications. Just lovely, healthy meals that will not leave you feeling hungry or depleted.

It’s tempting to turn to quick fixes to get into that wedding dress, but we know it would leave you exhausted and weak. That\’s why we recommend the best wedding weight loss plan instead.

The plan encourage foods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, protein options, organic whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds.

This wedding diet plan arms you with the knowledge you need to make healthy choices that will support long term health and help you drop any unwanted pounds.

Who Is The Wedding Diet Plan For? 

Are you a bride-to-be? Then this guide is for you! The idea of the best wedding weight loss plan is to keep your energy levels high while lowering your stress levels to enjoy your Wedding and all of the preparations that go into it.

You might wish to enlist the help of your partner or even your bridesmaids to ensure that everyone benefits from these health benefits!

Best Wedding Weight Loss Plan: Top Tips To Consider 


1. Always Keep It Simple 

There’s no need to be inventive with sophisticated recipes or unknown ingredients. Instead, eat fresh vegetables you enjoy and know how to cook well. Although I would encourage you introduce as much variety in the diet as possible, not only to keep the diet exciting but also for health promoting benefits.

You can snack on fresh fruit; berries, apples, melon among other fruits and vegetables, if you need ideas. Breakfast alternatives high in protein include organic eggs and vegetables e.g. cooked mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. Go easy on portion size as dinner. We want to avoid overeating in the evening when we are about to lie down for 8 hours.

2. Keep Your Calories in Mind


If you consume the suggestions on eating plan, you won’t need to monitor calories because you\’ll be satisfied naturally. When you remove processed foods, sugar, alcohol and white flour products from your diet, you’ll be shocked at how many calories you save.

However, if you can, keep a food journal for your first week to keep track of food intake. This will draw your attention to any unhealthy habits or foods that are creeping in regularly.

3. Carbs Are Your Ally.

The key to carbs is to focus on unprocessed (complex) vegetables carbs such as sweet potatoes, carrots, beetroot, squash, broccoli, celeriac & cauliflower.

You should avoid simple sugars or processed carbs since they are low in fibre and can spike your blood sugar levels. This can lead to blood sugar crashes which will leave you searching for your next carb fix.

4. Make a Preparation Day.

When you’re organising your wedding, your schedule will be busy. So expect not to have much time to prepare nutritious meals or snacks each day. Instead, set aside a couple of hours each week to batch cook and organise your meal plans and meals for the week. Batch cooking at the weekend makes things so much smoother during busy weeks.

5. Increase Your Protein Intake.


This point is one of the best wedding weight loss plans to consider. Include a protien at each meal.

Including a variety of protien in the diet supports the regulation of our hunger hormone ghrelin, which promotes satiety and keeps us fuller for longer. Protien is also responsible for repairing, maintaining, and supporting lean muscle development.

The amount of protein you should consume depends on your individual needs. However, the usual rule for losing weight is to consume 1.6g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Because our bodies can only absorb 20-30g of protein at a time, it is best to spread it across your meals.

7. Stay Away From Fad Diets And Create A Long-Term Plan

Fad diets rarely generate long-term effects, and they frequently result in a boomerang effect (regaining all of your lost weight quickly) if you stop eating them. Healthy eating, in general, is usually more effective and easier to maintain over time.

Your wedding diet plan can consist of eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing processed foods, switching to healthier carbs (e.g broccoli, wild rice, carrots, sweet potato, quinoa, rye bread whole) & drinking water instead of juices or fizzy drinks.

It’s critical to concentrate on creating a plan that will keep you on track after the wedding. Whether your wedding is a year, having a healthy eating plan will feel great as you walk down the aisle!

6. Increase Your Physical Activity


For the best results, mix your diet plan with physical activity. Don’t panic if you don’t have an exercise routine in place. This strategy does not need to be intense, it may simply be introducing an hours daily walk in nature.

If you already exercise, try adding a variety of activities to your routine. For instance, if you do lots of cardio, perhaps add some strength & conditioning to your routine. Try not to overwork yourself. You don’t want to get burnt out before the big day.

8. Nothing Is Off Limits.

It\’s not about avoiding specific food groups; instead, it’s about consuming them in moderation & opting for good quality products. Cutting out everything & having a very restricted diet will not be realistic long term.

Losing weight on your wedding day doesn’t have to be a punishment; instead, it should be an opportunity to feel really healthy and fit. It\’s not about what\’s good or bad; it’s about making healthy choices and developing a positive connection with food.’

Final Thoughts 

Your wedding week may involve some stress, so you want to remove one stress, and that is dietary worries and that’s why it’s essential to go with the best wedding weight loss plan. 

You may want to avoid fast foods, microwavable meals, processed foods, and highly processed snacks and sweets that will make you feel sluggish. You\’ll want as much energy as possible; so I recommend including fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, organic ancient wholegrains, nuts, seeds, legumes, pulses. organic animal products, herbs & spices.

Book a free discovery call now if you need help with your weight loss journey! I’ll help you achieve your goal! 


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