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6 Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut

6 Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut

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A healthy gut is key to overall wellness. Fortunately, there are several simple nutrition and lifestyle habits you can adopt to support your gut health and improve your overall well-being. Here are six easy-to-implement tips to get you started.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll have noticed that ‘gut health’ has been somewhat of a buzz word in recent years. While certain recommendations are practical and straightforward to incorporate, others are quite the contrary.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or frustrated by countless articles and social media content suggesting unrealistic habits you “must” adopt for good health, let me share something with you…

Achieving optimal gut health doesn’t have to be a daunting task! It doesn’t involve spending hours in the kitchen or giving up foods or activities you love. It’s about incorporating small, simple strategies that are both manageable and realistic within your lifestyle.

Here some of my top, easy and quick habits that can have a significant impact on your gut microbes without requiring much effort.

1. Eat slowly and mindfully

6 Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut

Digestion begins in the mouth, so take your time to chew your food during meals. Chew your food thoroughly, aiming for 10-20 bites per mouthful.

This practice can help alleviate bloating and improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption. Remember the old saying: it’s more about “you are what you digest” than “you are what you eat”!

Plus, if you’re eating your food slowly and mindfully, you’re more likely to appreciate the wonderful flavours and textures of your meal, making it less likely to overeat.

2. Hydrate for a happy tum.

6 Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut

I think we all know that keeping well hydrated is important for lots of reasons, and one of the key reasons is that it keeps our guts happy!

Maintaining an adequate fluid intake can help prevent constipation. I highly recommend having a water bottle by your side at all times, as makes it easier to reach your daily goal of two litres of water, whether you’re at home or on the go.

3. Expand your horizons in the fruit and veggie aisles

Our guts thrive off diversity and variety, so spice up your food shop routine by selecting fruits and veggies you’ve never tried before or don’t often consume.

We are so lucky to have access to such a broad range of produce from around the world – make the most of it!

By feeding your gut microbes a diverse range of fibre-rich and beneficial plant compounds, you enhance both gut and overall health.

Remember, more variety in plants means more diversity in microbes.

4. Embrace natural light by exposing your face to it first thing in the morning.

6 Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut

When it comes to achieving good gut health, getting the optimal quality and quantity of sleep is vital.

Studies reveal that even just two days of inadequate sleep can negatively impact your gut microbes.

Natural light helps synchronize your body clock with the environment, promoting a healthy circadian rhythm.

This refreshing start to your day benefits your sleep quality, mental health, and gut health.

5. Ditch tech before bedtime

Research has demonstrated that reducing smartphone usage before sleep can have a profound impact on sleep quality, mood, and working memory in just four weeks.

So, following on from the previous point, I highly recommend making a conscious effort to switch off and unwind before bed, allowing yourself to experience better sleep.

If you can, disconnect from your phone 2 hours before bedtime.

Remember, your gut microbes also reap the benefits of improved rest.

6. Destress with breathing exercises

The gut-brain connection means that psychological stress can impact your gut health.

When you feel stressed, try a simple breathing exercise: inhale for four seconds through your nose, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds.

Repeat this technique two to three times. It only takes a minute or two and can be done anywhere, whether you’re at your desk, in the shower, or on the move.

Are you looking to improve your overall health with nutrition?

As 70% of our immune systems reside in the gut, this is the best place to start!

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, lose weight or minimise gut related symptoms, with my guidance and support, I can help you achieve your goals.
Book your FREE discovery call today. We will be happy to put a personalised Gut Health Nutrition plan in place for you.

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