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Hello, I’m Beanie,

Your Certified Holistic Nutritionist to help you achieve your goals.

I’m here to help you feel your best through nutritional and lifestyle changes.

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My Qualifications

BA Hons, PGdip Nutrition, mANP, mBANT, Nutrition Coaching Qualified

Going through my own journey of rediscovering health has led me to my passion for natural health. Whether you’re looking to lose weight in a healthy, easy, and sustainable way or understand the healing powers of food, my holistic and personalised approach helps change the way you view your health.

As a certified nutritionist, my goal is to help you see past the fad diets and misconceptions you have about weight loss and nutrition. I guide you to compassionately tune into your body’s needs rather than rejecting them. I want you to feel good from the inside out! No matter where you are on your journey, you can transform your mind and body for long-lasting health through proper, tailored nutrition.

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The Health Space!

I’m Beanie Robinson, and I’m here to guide you toward a healthier you.

My Story

How & Why I Became A Nutritionist?

When I was a university student, I discovered I had PCOS, which caused my irregular periods and neck acne. Instead of going on medication to manage the symptoms, I chose to focus on a more natural solution: food. I dove deeper into how certain foods, such as sugar, refined carbs, and alcohol, affected my PCOS symptoms.

One of my first experiments was to remove dried fruit from my diet altogether; I was eating 6 dates a day! By doing so, the acne on my neck disappeared, and I was amazed by this profound realisation on how the foods I eat can genuinely transform the way I feel physically and mentally.

Struggling with both my weight and PCOS also helped me better understand the importance of personalised nutrition. Everyone has their unique health needs and goals, which is why I created The Health Space so that women like you can easily access sustainable health plans designed just for you.

But we focus on more than the physical aspect. Your mindset is just as vital to your success. On top of the nutritional knowledge I provide, I also help guide you to develop a stronger mind-body connection through mindfulness practices and lifestyle changes.

I’m so very excited to help you build a thriving mindset and achieve flourishing health! Please check out my holistic nutrition & weight loss programs for more information.