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Abandon all you’ve ever known about health, nutrition, and weight loss. I’m Beanie Robinson, certified holistic nutritionist, and here at The Health Space, I help you completely transform your diet and lifestyle by tuning into your body’s needs. I break down nutrition and weight loss in a sustainable, manageable way so that you can fulfill your goals effortlessly.

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Weight Loss

Quit the fads and master your diet with a plan built around you – meet your weight loss goals for good. Get 24/7 support and a bespoke meal plan



Polycystic ovary syndrome hurts your reproductive hormone levels. The good news? You can manage the effects of PCOS with a targeted diet



The menopause can be a stressful time, but a managed diet tailored (just) to you can drastically minimise the symptoms

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Your wedding day glow starts from within. A 12-week bespoke nutrition plan will help you look, feel and be your best on the big day

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Beanie is amazing and so supportive. I’ve lost over a stone with her help and feel back to my old vibrant self! Thank you!
Beani has been an inspiration. I started this process feeling pretty low about myself and my ability to have any sort of control over what I was eating, and my weight as a result. Over the course of 8 weeks, I have lost nearly 10kg thanks to Beani’s guidance, and feel I now have a sustainable plan in place for the future. Beani is amazing-upbeat, supportive, always there to answer questions, day or night, and hugely knowledgable on her subject matter. I could not have felt more supported during this process – she has helped me understand what to eat when I go out, has helped me identify recipes in cookery books that work for me whilst tasting delicious and has generally been a superstar. I feel so much more informed now than I did before, thanks to her careful but practical explanation of food, and I cannot thank her enough. This is not a fad process, this has been a reeducation of what I am putting in my body, to ensure that is has exactly what it needs and when. I have rarely felt hungry on the programme, but have always felt fully in control. Thank you Beanie!!
Beanie has been the missing link in my weight loss and health journey. I’ve struggled most of my life with consistency and fallen into the trap of yoyo dieting to try to get some kind of control over how I look and feel. I’ve stalked every nutritional google page, tried every fad – ultimately leaving me confused and frustrated. And then came Beanie. The combination of her directness and empathy made me feel heard and motivated from the moment we sat down with one another. Her powerful no nonsense plan set me on a new relationship with food. She is not about starving your self or feeling bruised from exercise… its a new mindset of kindness and nourishment, of which I could not do with out a little hand holding from her. My plan has been seriously easy to follow, I even go as far to say its set me free. I can eat so much delicious food and (mind-blowingly) loose weight and gain energy. Two months in – the jeans are looser and anxiety gone. Thank you Beanie.
I absolutely loved working with Beanie in the run up to my wedding. Not only were the changes to my diet and routine approachable and suited to my life, they made such a difference! I felt and still feel great, and the skin glow is very real
I met Beanie earlier this month and the changes that have happened in just over a week are nothing short of amazing. She completely overhauled my way of thinking about the completeness of our meals, eradicated my obsession with calories and taught me fundamentals that will last a lifetime. I didn’t have the goal to lose weight when we first met but I’ve lost close to 1.5 kg in just over a week, without ever being super hungry (coming from a woman in her first trimester!) a clear sign that Beanie’s plan is the natural way our bodies should be consuming nutrients! I couldn’t recommend someone more highly ❤️
Beanie is an absolute super star. The support she gave me building up to surgery was so helpful. No faddy ideas that are impractical and hard to stick to, instead introducing me to really yummy ideas. Worth every penny!
I found Beanie and over a couple of sessions she helped me understand so much more about my diet and nutrition. She helped me to understand easy ways to make improvements that fitted in with my work and lifestyle. She is charming and I would recommend.
Working with Beanie has been nothing short of life changing and has totally altered my relationship with food and my understanding of good nutrition.After a consultation call, Beanie devised a tailored lifestyle and nutrition plan for me. Beanie takes a holistic lifestyle approach, so the plan is not just focussed on what you eat, but also on other key factors such as sleep, exercise, and hydration.Although some pe-planning is required, the key to the plan is that it is simple, structured, and easy to follow so even when I have lapsed due to work trips, holidays etc. it has always been very easy to get back on the plan, particularly with Beanie’s support and encouragement.I have lost over 22lbs so far and have seen multiple other health benefits, both physical and mental, from following this plan. I think the most positive aspect is that this is not a “diet” but a realistic “lifestyle” approach and one that I know I can follow indefinitely.Having regular calls with Beanie has really kept me on track and it has helped enormously to be able to discuss any stumbling blocks as they arise and to then amend or flex the plan as needed.Beanie is very knowledgeable and an extremely conscientious, supportive, and understanding person. I would not hesitate to recommend Beanie to anyone who is looking to improve their nutrition and health. Working with Beanie has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!THANK YOU Beanie!!
I started working with Beanie earlier this year, and would highly recommend her as an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive nutritionist. Beanie has been generous in sharing her expertise, and took real care to understand my priorities so she could make the most relevant recommendations to suit my lifestyle and achieve my goals. She really takes an holistic approach which I appreciated and has worked with me patiently over the past few months to help set strong foundations for a healthy and enjoyable approach to nutrition. Thank you!
I achieved my weight lost gaol of one stone within the estimated time frame of 2 months. I was expertly guided through this process by the wonderful Beannie… I couldn’t have done it without her!
You won’t find a better nutritionist! I had life-changing results in only two weeks of working with Beanie. She’s a fantastic communicator. The impact on my mood, energy levels and immunity has been astonishing. She’s an authority on the science behind healthy nutrition, and couples it with both a realistic way of goal-setting and a brain-friendly way of explaining it all to laymen like me. Highly recommend!
Beanie has been fantastic. She completely changed how I thought about food, and what was a good meal. I had alot of questions particularly as I have some food allergies, and she was just so knowlagable and helpful in suggesting alternatives, providing recipe suggestions and even recipe book options. In the 12 week plan I did I lost 18kg. The weekly catch ups are so helpful as they rest the goals in your head, but the fact that Beanie is always there to answer a message and support is what really makes the difference. Thank you so much! I couldn’t recommend enough!
Beanie designed a 8 week nutrition programme for me. The challenge was twofold – to lose weight and to get better informed about how to eat more healthily. I lost 19lbs and got back to the weight I was as an 18 year old young man (the first time in 40 years). But, much more importantly for me going forward, Beanie has given me a keen appreciation of healthy eating such that I can sustain my new weight and sustain the feel-good factor associated with healthy living. I couldn’t recommend Beanie enough
Super helpful experience with Beanie. Easy to communicate with and she is good at getting to the root of the issue. Great to be able to establish a clear plan of how to move forward and improve relationship with food. Would highly recommend to get in touch!
Beanie is just such a fantastic nutritionist & all round advisor on health and well-being. She did a talk for my company Mother+ on all things nutrition and her practical tips combined with expert knowledge made it a really engaging and beneficial talk for our audience.She really understands how to apply healthy eating to every day life and I highly recommend her if you want to improve your eating habits and feel more energised!
Working with Beanie has been a total revelation – she has gently nudged me into better habits that feel totally sustainable over the long term. I have been guilty of jumping into one fad diet after another, and choosing foods based on their calorie/fat count and not on their nutritional benefits. Over the last few weeks I have lost 6kgs, but more importantly I have not once felt deprived. I have more energy, my skin is better, my gut feels better and I feel ‘lighter’ not just in body but also in spirit. I am so happy that I found Beanie and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a sustainable and healthy way to lose weight, or just feel generally better in themselves.
Beanie has been a joy to work with! She is warm, thoughtful, thorough, and always happy to put in more time and effort into any question or concern one may have. Her programs are incredibly tailored to the individual and prioritise flexibility and kindness to oneself. Also worth noting her meal plans maximise flavour and enjoyment. Could not recommend her more !!!
Beanie was incredibly helpful at getting me into a healthier eating plan.Her programme was realistic and achievable, She was fun and very supportive to work with and I now have a great long term plan. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Health and fitness has been a serious hobby of mine for 15+ years, but the nutritional advice I received from Beanie over a few weeks was more valuable than anything I’ve learnt previously.
Bennie is very helpful, always replies to make answers! She is definitely a great support in my journey!
Great experience, really changed my relationship with food.
Beanie has been so helpful and supportive since I began these sessions. It’s incredible how much better I feel already. The changes we are making to my lifestyle don’t seem daunting and feel very sustainable. I only wish I had begun this journey sooner!
Excellent experience working with Beanie. Helped me to balance a heavy travel schedule with my nutrition. Would recommend to anyone. 5 stars!
I found Beanies website by accident when researching weight loss before my wedding. After many years of yo-yo dieting and failed attempts at trying to get fitter it was revolutionary to work with Beanie and I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my body.She has managed to wipe my previous beliefs of what was “healthy” and help me through a terribly busy and stressful time. Over 1.5 stone and 6cm of waist circumference later I now know what is best for me and my body.Would wholeheartedly recommend beanies services! Do it, you won’t regret it!
I had the pleasure of working with Beanie in the run up to my wedding day which was the biggest help ever as I shredded off the lockdown weight and felt amazing on my big day. Aside from this, it has changed my perspective overall which is what I was really needing moving forwards. I now don’t crave all the nasty carbs every day because I know better alternatives to keep me going which are even more tasty. It really was the most educational regime which should be taught at school! Beanie was so lovely and totally made my plan specific to my tastes and routine. Thank you Beanie!!
I wish that I had met Beanie a long time ago! She gently guided me through a much better understanding of food intake and meal management. To build a plan around the family without anyone noticing that I am eating differently. I am now sticking to the 16hrs fasting plan without much difficulty. Thank you Beanie. Sarah
Beanie is the best nutritionist I have ever consulted and really, truly an expert in her field. I am 51, I have an under functioning thyroid, I was pre-diabetic and with digestion reflux in the evening (I have been taking reflux medications for years).I started a plan with Beanie 10 weeks ago. In this short time I lost nearly 12Kg, I am no longer pre-diabetic and I stopped taking medications for my reflux from day one, as I stopped having heartburns. I always thought my reflux was genetic and Beanie said “no way”. It was due to what I was eating. I already feel so much better and energy level is going up all the time… Beanie has changed my life positively. With her guidance I am never hungry and I feel great. I do some exceptions to the rules once a week too. Her method is literally “magic”. I still have more weight to lose but I am confident that with Beanie help I will lose and maintain. She is an amazing motivator too. Thank you so much Beanie, keep doing your magic with everyone who asks for your help 🙂
Well, where to begin? I came to Beanie for a dietary reset because I wanted some control over my arthritis and felt that diet could be the way forward. I’d also put on weight with pain reducing my mobility. Not good with ‘sharing’ stuff, Beanie’s warm, friendly and fun nature quickly put me at ease and I really looked forward to our weekly chats.She advised, motivated, guided encouraged, commiserated and then advised and motivated again and again and again! Amazing.She has helped me to transform my diet, provided loads of recipes and hacks on heading off my bad eating situations and I now have a much better idea of what triggers my inflammation. I also have so much more energy and lost nearly a stone in weight. Bonus!Thank you Beanie you’re complete star 🌟
Absolutely brilliant nutritionist! Beanie is kind and easy to talk to. She will push you when needed but in a way which is encouraging and non judgmental. It is so important to be accountable to someone who is supportive and gives you the best advice when you feel you are not doing as well as you could. A perfect approach for me and the tools she has given me enable me to live an easy to adhere to livestyle. I do not feel like I am depriving myself of anything. I am loving every moment of this journey and eating plenty of delicious and nutritious food. The weight loss has been slower than I first hoped but it is has been consistent which is a real achievement after years of trying and failing. More importantly, I finally feel like I am in control again. Highly recommend her
Beanie is the most empathetic of nutritionists and made the whole experience of working with her interesting and enjoyable and successful.
Beanie is meant to do this job. She knows her stuff and is a great communicator. I loved my 8-course with her and, with her guidance, have made some profound changes. Thank you!
‘Wow, you look great, your skin looks amazing, how did you lose weight? What’s your secret?’My secret is Beanie.Beanie is a charming young lady who has shown me a new way to eat and feel good whilst no longer craving a piece of cake every afternoon!Beanie gently encourages me to stay on track and try new recipes at our weekly zoom calls.I thought I understood nutriton, I so didn’t, I have learnt so much.Thank you, Beanie x
Beanie has been an inspiration. She has guided me through and kept me motivated. I feel healthier, fitter and lighter and have got my mojo back! I would recommend her whole heartedly.
Best nutritionist in London. Helped me lose all the weight I needed. I feel better than ever at 65. I never felt hungry on the program & learnt so much about nutrition, healthy eating & how to menu plan over the 8 Week Program. I am so grateful to Beanie for her support, couldn’t recommend her enough.
Beanie has taught me how to change my eating habits without being hungry. I lost almost 6kg, but most important I learn how to eat. I now know what works for me. Thanks Beanie
I could not recommend Beanie more. I was very skeptical of a nutritionist but after reaching my breaking point of an all or nothing dieting mindset, I stumbled across Beanie and her many 5 star reviews – after working with her for 5 weeks I completely agree with everyone else’s praises. She is accepting and encouraging, but also firm in her direction. Also, she’s available 24/7 and in moments of weakness has given me amazing instruction via text. I’ve never looked better and am only half way through the program, despite having many dinners and social events out. Totally worth the money and has improved my outlook around food 100%. The best part is I know this is a true life style shift that I can maintain after the 8 week program.
After discussing and understanding my needs, Beanie produced me an excellent and achievable personal nutrition and exercise plan which has made such a positive difference my life. Our regular follow up discussions are really useful and help me stay on track and raise any questions or queries. I would strongly recommend Beanie to all those who want to feel more healthy and reduce weight.
Beanie has been great. She’s responsive, realistic and creative with her suggestions. She’s really helped me improve my nutrition and look at food, sleep and stress in a whole new light.
I am so grateful to have found Beanie to guide me through my weight loss journey – she is fantastic! Her advice is sensible and manageable and is all about a healthier way to live in the future, rather than just a quick weight loss programme which isn’t sustainable long term. I am actually enjoying the new regime and am losing weight as well as feeling and sleeping so much better. The weekly catch ups are so welcome and Beanie is always so supportive as well as inspiring me to keep going. I couldn’t recommend Beanie highly enough.
Beanie has changed the way I think about food. Previously, I was someone who only saw food in either ‘Will it make me lose weight?’ Or ‘Make it make me gain weight?’ category. Beanie has taught me that food is more than that, I now eat nuts and oils which previously I saw as terrifying but I understand the importance of them for your body.Through working with Beanie so far I have lost 9lbs. (This is whilst being on various holidays and Beanie’s plan allowing for going out for dinner weekly!). Beanie has moved me away from picking up diets such as Slimming World etc and into a lifestyle change which I am excited about and truly feel like I can stick to and incorporate into my life.Not only that but Beanie is really easy to get on with and clearly so passionate about what she does! She’s pretty much on call 24/7 to answer my questions. Thank you Beanie.
Beanie has helped me to loose weight in a sustainable way, only three weeks into the program and I feel like a new person. She uses her in-depth knowledge and skills to come up with a personalised plan. She is always at the end of the phone if you ever need her or new strategy. I couldn’t recommend her more and am excited for the next few weeks ahead.THANK YOU
Beanie is fantastic – really personable, knowledgeable and so easily gets on your wave length. Her recipe recommendations are great and her diet and lifestyle approach is very sustainable. The biggest game changer for me was to start looking at things more holistically which helped me see results much faster
Amazing nutritionist with a huge wealth of knowledge. Super friendly and approachable and went above and beyond from day one.Totally recommend.
Beanie is exceptional! She is warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable and delivered the most amazing service at our Easter team day at Enjoy Education! We will definitely be inviting her back for more Beanie treats- thank you again, we all had the best day! 💫
After years (and years) of trying multiple diets and various approaches to healthy living, ranging from life coaching to hypnosis, I stumbled across Beanie and the health space.After a really interesting and informative and consultation with Beanie I agreed to work with her and I am so glad I did! In 3 weeks I’ve managed to drop a dress size, which is great!! but more importantly Beanie has helped me understand what sustainable healthy eating and living looks like. She’s helped me to tweak meals and recipes to deliver great taste and nutrition, and helped me to carve out time to focus on myself, whether this is for meal prep, exercising or simply relaxing with a good book.I cannot recommend Beanie enough!! Her support, guidance, practical advice, and sheer commitment to helping me has been wonderful – empowering, energising and restoring.Thank you Beanie.
Using my husbands account to post this as having problems with mine. I wanted to see a nutritionist after having chemo for breast cancer and feeling really confused about my diet and wanting to have more energy. Beanie was really easy to talk to and non judgmental about my eating habits so I could be totally honest with her. She helped me come up with good options, healthy swaps, strategy for emotional eating and I’m now so much more aware of what I’m putting into my body. This has really changed my way of thinking. I whole heartedly recommend Beanie to anyone wanting to get into a healthier life. Thank you Beanie.
Beanie was a great help in setting me on the path to loosing weight. The weekly chats where really informative and helped one stay focused on ones goal. The idea is to change ones way of eating on a perinate basis but still have the odd day for all those things one craves. I would highly recommend her to friends.
Amazing insight into everything food and I firmly recommend Beanie. I commissioned her to lose weight but with her extensive knowledge on nutrition I doubt you will go wrong on any challenge you throw at her.I have learned a whole new way to eat and I don’t feel hungry! So far I have managed to lose 6 Kilos in 3 weeks. More to do but an amazing start. Couldn’t recommend Beanie more if you are serious about changing the way you eat.
Beanie is a wonder woman! She has eased me into a workable routine which has me heading down a super sustainable path to a slimmer, healthier me. I have been overweight for too many years and could not be more thrilled that I can now see a fitter future. I am a 1/4 of the way to my goal weight and entirely confident that I will reach that goal and stay their too, owing to the tools she has given me. Also safe in the knowledge that she’s there when I need her, for any bumps in the road ahead. I couldn’t be more grateful and highly recommend her super jolly, can do and hugely knowledgeable approach to weight loss.
Working with Beanie was a dream. She is kind, non-judgmental, informative and inspirational. I loved how she listened to what I told her – my lifestyle, my constraints and my needs – and then she came up with a realistic plan with brilliant ideas for nutrition and for my health. Most of all, Beanie helped me look at my long term health in a whole new and optimistic light. She is a star.
Beanie has helped me so much with my weight and lifestyle journey. I feel like I have learnt so much from her – she is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive
I feel so grateful that I got to work with Beanie from The Health Space! I will always remember the small tips that she gave in terms of healthy habits and healthy eating and how they changed my life. I will 100% go back to Beanie’s services again and recommend her services in case anyone wants to get the best nutritional advice in order to live the best life.
Really great service – improved my overall health and feeling great! Thank you
Beanie has been an amazing nutritionist throughout my weight loss journey. I have really benefited from her meal/diet plans, as I have lost just over 10 kg in the last few months. She has been supportive and motivational throughout my entire journey and I cannot thank her enough. Her meal/ diet plans are super achievable and have worked within my busy lifestyle. I would really recommend beanie as a nutritionist as I have seen amazing results already!
Beanie has been amazing for me. We had 6 sessions and I really looked forward to them and enjoyed them. My whole attitude towards food has changed since I met with her and I now manage to cram so much fruit and veg into my diet everyday without even thinking about it. I never thought I could cut down on bread but I rarely think of it now. My skin is better, I’ve lost weight and I sleep better than I have in years. What I liked most about Beanie was that there were no rules, she worked around my lifestyle and never ever judged me when I had a bad run of it! I would recommend her 100% to anyone.Oh, and I no longer need my probiotic every morning which I’ve been taking for years.Thanks Beanie!
Beanie is kind, warm, and hugely knowledgeable. She makes me feel safe and heard. She has helped me to build a fun and varied diet that I enjoy, meets all my needs, and makes me feel fantastic. So far, I am already feeling healthier, lighter, and far less anxious. Beanie has helped me to think about food in a holistic way and helps me to eat a diet that easily suits my lifestyle. Nothing is off limits – there are no fads or total restrictions. After one week, my skin was already glowing. I feel incredibly fortunate to have Beanie’s support and would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is helping me to change my relationship with food in the best way possible. Thank you Beanie!
Beanie is absolutely incredible to work with. Extremely supportive and understanding of my journey. She has helped me create realistic goals and become more accountable for my progress.
The weight loss journey with Beanie has been a real life changer. Before I started working with her I tried to lose weight but I was never able to maintain the weight loss, and I tried so many diets. I am so pleased that I learned to be mindful when I eat and I am now able to make those choices even when I eat at the restaurants. I really recommend Beanie especially because you will be able to learn a new lifestyle, you will be fully supported in the journey and she will give you all the tools and support you will need along the way. She is also very knowledgeable and she is able to explain the science behind nutrition in a very simple and enjoyable way. The programme is specific to you and based on your particular goals.
Hands down the best nutritionist in London. I had a rash on my chest and she recommended a liver detox. Everything cleared up in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t recommend Beanie more highly!
Beanie is truly amazing at what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at complete ease whilst discussing my nutritional needs. Since working with her she has managed to help me overcome my fear of certain foods, especially healthy fats / only eating low cal foods. And my skin couldn’t be any better along with feeling satisfied and fuller after my meals. I cant recommend Beanie enough.
Beanie really helped me understand the affects of eating certain foods and through this helped me to massively raise my energy levels through implementing good routine and refining my diet. These changes have improved so many parts of my life!
Beanie has worked with 12 Freddie’s Flowers employees on a 6 Week Nutrition Program. The nutrition programs have been personalised to the needs of each individual, focusing on weight loss, PCOS, menopause, hormone balancing, IBS & gut health. We have seen some incredible body and mind transformations over the 6 Week Programs, with employees feeling energised, lighter, more productive & healthier than ever! Thank you for sharing your nutrition knowledge with them we can’t wait for round 2!
Beanie has been amazing and has supported me through weight loss, covid and even surgery with nutritional advice that has definitely helped me enormously. She is so knowledgeable but also approachable and full of simple practical top tips that make all the difference. I’ve never written a review before but felt she had been such a positive influence that I simply had to let others know just how good she is…
Beanie is incredible! She looks after you and guides you in the right direction. I’ve never known someone to help and provide so much information and ideas!Beanie will motivate you and will make sure that you are feeling supported.
Beanie is a true GODSEND!Having been diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, I have struggled with my weight and proper nutrition for a long time! The thought of changing my diet and exercising more has always overwhelmed and scared me.With Beanie’s help I finally feel strong enough to address these things. It’s only been six weeks, but the changes are already massive. Beanie is gently pushing on the right track at my own pace. Even when things don’t go as planned, she never makes me feel bad in any way, but instead encourages me to continue. At the same time she also doesn’t let me get away with (lame) excuses, which I definitely need! I feel like I have already learnt so much about nutrition and my own body and for the first time in many years, I feel like I might actually loose the weight and live a happy and healthy life even with PCOS. I am only at the beginning of this journey, but without Beanie I wouldn’t be on this journey at all. Thank you so much for everything!
Beanie truly goes above and beyond anything I could have expected. Having never seen a nutritionist before nor understood why my sleep was so poor and I never felt “awake” in the mornings, she cut right to the chase and has been an absolute game changer. Such simple tips and tricks can truly make the most enormous difference. I could not recommend more highly.
Excellent nutrition and supplement advice tailored to your specific needs. Highly recommend.
On the lead up to my wedding I wanted to feel my best. Beanie was amazing!! We had an initial meeting about what I wanted to achieve for my wedding, and how to make this possible and realistic with busy work life. She put together a programme/ plan for me to follow which was accessible and achievable for me. She made me feel really positive in how to reach my goals and was so kind with her time and reassurance. Alongside this Beanie sent me various links to foods, recipes, snack options and where to buy them from. This was incredibly helpful and encouraged me to buy the right foods/ cook the right meals as she made it so easy. I found with her plan she gave me I was able to refer back to it daily and I soon became in a good routine with it. I felt so energised and prepared by the time my wedding came around. I felt the best I have inside and out . Beanie made this side of wedding prep so easy and I got all the results I wanted for my big day. Even now a month after I am still sticking to the routine as it makes me feel good and has become part of my daily life and routine. Beanie was also so fun to work with, always checked in and made me feel positive and happy. Would highly recommend working with her on the lead up to your wedding. Thank you so much Beanie!! X
Beanie is great! She’s extremely knowledgable about all things food and nutrition, and she was able to share some wonderful nutritional wisdom with me. We went through my diet and lifestyle throughly and I was able to get a better idea of what foods work for my goals etc. We also went through vitamins that I needed! I feel great as a result of my new routine and supplements!
I first contacted Beanie 2 years ago during the lead up to my wedding. She listened carefully to my needs and desires – together we crafted a plan to help me feel fantastic (inside and out) on my wedding day. The changes I made to my diet and lifestyle really were life changing and became second nature. I will forever be grateful to Beanie for this. Not only did I notice my clothes fitting better but my hair, skin and nails were stronger and healthier than ever. Her knowledge combined with her friendly personality made me feel at ease and I really did feel the best I’ve ever felt after following her plan. After the birth of my son, I contacted Beanie again to help me get back on track after pregnancy. She came to my house (which was so helpful with having a baby). Once again, she has created a plan to help me feel myself again. She really tailored my plan to meet all my needs – with realistic goals. I especially love the recipes she includes in her plans. What is great is that Beanie is always so helpful whenever I have a question about nutrition. She emails, calls or messages me back. Thank you so much, Beanie! I’m already feeling so much better. Looking forward to fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans soon!
Working with Beanie has been truly life changing. She’s totally changed my outlook to diet, I feel so much happier and more energetic, plus she’s helped me shift the 3 stone I’ve been struggling with for the past 5 years. Couldn’t recommend her more! Thanks so much Beanie
Beanie has been brilliant. She put me on the right track and gave me lots of cheerful encouragement to get into that dress. We looked into ways of eating which fit in with my rather hectic lifestyle. I feel more in control and know I can still enjoy myself and then quickly deal with any weight gains that may happen along the way . Thanks v much.
Highly recommend, Beanie. She helped me reduce my constipation and IBS symptoms with such simple & clear nutrition advice. She is totally dedicated and really cares about each individual she works with on a personal level. She also exudes good energy.
I found Beanie when I wanted to lose the weight I had gained during lockdown. She is the best Nutritionist in London & within three months I have lost the stone and a half I gained and I feel better than ever. The best thing about her weight loss program is that I got to include foods that I really like & I never had to count calories. Beanie was totally supportive and non-judgemental. I now feel totally confident that I can maintain my goal weight. Being able to WhatsApp her whenever I needed was amazing for answering any questions I had and for keeping me motivated and on track. Thank you so much, this was the best money I have spent this year.
I have been speaking to Beanie every week for the past 6 weeks about my health and fitness plan. She has offered sage advice and wisdom and helped me start a good routine, building towards a better me. Alongside her knowledge is her warm personality, which encourages me to do better week on week. 10/10 would recommend.
Beanie is an excellent yoga teacher always concentrating on core as well as flexibility and breathwork so you get a bit of everything in each session. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get into yoga or seasoned pros alike!!
I’ve been having such a wonderful experience with Beanie every thursday morning for the past month. The 30 minutes I invest in myself and attend Beanies amazing zoom breath work and mindfulness class is such a wonderful start to my day. I set my intention and notice a shift in my energy and state of calm. Thursdays are fast becoming my most productive day for getting things done! Happy days. Thank you Beanie xx
Beanie really is a pro, from being incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect of nutrition and health to being fully committed to your goal with weekly check-ins, Beanie makes losing weight not only doable, but enjoyable!And that ain’t easy!
Beanie is a great yoga teacher. I highly recommend. I have gained enormous strength and sense of well being since joining her brilliant Wednesday morning classes.
Weekly inspiration and support ❤️Having weekly sessions with Beanie has been the best weight loss experience I’ve had. It is so much more than that though, lovely regular check ins by text to check how I’m getting on. Where I get encouragement and praise for how far I’ve come. Every week we agree something we are going to do and I never feel like it is too difficult as we’ve built up to it and been working to get towards. I have a clear plan that we have built together I can’t praise Beanie and her style enough. This is not only a positive experience for weight loss but also for future habits and patterns of behaviour. This is truly helping me get to where I want to be in a sustainable way. An outstanding experience, I highly recommend working with Beanie and The Health Space.
Beanie, thank you so much for my consultation and nutritional plan. Speaking to you was such a positive and enlightening experience. You have so much knowledge and I really appreciated your thoughtful questions and the time you took to really dig into not just what I eat, but how I live. You have such a positive energy and the advice and tips you’ve given me have already made an impact. Would highly recommend.
I’ve recently finished a 5 week virtual yoga course with Beanie that I really enjoyed, I ended each session feeling calm and strong. Beanie is a very knowledgeable and encouraging yoga teacher and I would highly recommend her
I absolutely loved my session with Beanie. I felt she was completely judgement free and incredibly knowledgeable – finding a way to adapt my diet to improve it and make it far more nutritious without making me feel a need to change it entirely! Thanks so much Beanie.
I could not recommend Beanie and The Health Space highly enough. I regularly get massage treatments to help assist my training for various sporting events. Furthermore, Beanie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
I had a wonderful first nutrition session with Beanie, she tailored the session completely to my health needs and was full of knowledgeable wisdom. The nutrition plan she sent through was brilliant, accessible & clear – it’s stuck firmly on my fridge! Really looking forward to continuing this journey together.She is also a fantastic, warm and intuitive yoga teacher! Highly recommend.
I’ve been working with Beanie on my nutrition to help improve digestion, energy level and general feeling of healthiness. Beanie is super knowledgeable, calm, kind and clear. The work we did together during her 12 week programme drastically improved by digestion and put the importance of healthy foods at the forefront of my mind. She has been brilliant at offering supplement and exercise advice. I even have Beanie’s voice in my head when food shopping now! I’m excited for her continued support and ongoing consultations.
Beanie was unbelievably knowledgeable in all things health and I really enjoyed my consultation with her. Highly recommend!
It was a pleasure having Beanie Robinson with us for our BFS Wednesday Show, where she explained healthy Diets to our listeners. The interview was very informative and rather enligthening! I liked how she was very much interested, enthusiastic and genuinely cared about answering questions. The use of lay language really helped us keep up and overall it gave a solid impression of how knowledgeable she really is.I felt very engaged and she was a wonderful person to interview because she responded- really well. Overall, I would say that Ms Robinson is a treat to interview and have a conversation with!We hope to have you on our show again in the future
Where do I even begin in thanking the health space for their magical services. As a long-standing client for Beanie’s yoga, nutrition and massage, I can honestly say her kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and lighthearted approach leaves me feeling so much more in tune with myself. I look forward to every session and it is hands down one of the best investments I’ve made. We all need to prioritise our own health & wellbeing right now, and this is the perfect place to start.
There will be no occasion when I won’t need to both aid and indulge myself with Beanie’s thoughtful and good humoured holistic body & mind treatments. Massage..yoga tuition…nutrition advice – she is the go to. Her soulful touch, dulcet tones and enthusiasm maketh the woman.
I’ve been doing yoga for five years and and I make a point of doing Beanie’s class once a week. It is always relaxing and incorporates breathing exercises and dynamic flows. I always come away feeling regenerated.
Beanie is extremely knowledgable and experienced in her nutritional advise and immediately made me feel at ease that I was in brilliant hands. She is extremely thorough and my tailored nutrition plan was super easy to follow with so many suggestions, I feel so much more excited about cooking delicious meals and working towards a healthier lifestyle – thank you! 🙂
Having only recently come to Yoga (from Pilates) at The Train Station Gym in Wandsworth I planned to give it a month, to be honest to myself and the change…That ‘month’ is now 6! and Beanie’s sessions have been instrumental to me becoming fully converted!Her lockdown sessions now delivered via the most pro-setup Zoom studio I’ve seen (multiple cameras, amazing audio with the most calming delivery) plus extra in-studio demonstration with her brother Ed.Beanie’s sessions are calming whilst core-working and heart pumping, flowing and building within and across practice’s plus thought/mindfulness ‘journeys’ – they work on every level!
Beanie was really professional, insightful and knowledgable. She was a total angel for helping during Covid lockdown and shared a very detailed diet plan and recommendations for supplements that works.
Beanies virtual yoga classes have been the highlight of my lockdown. Beanie is a wonderful teacher with clear communication that works for online classes. Would definitely recommend.
Beanie’s classes are an absolute dream. Beanie is a knowledgeable, compassionate teacher and her beautiful personality comes through in her classes making them unique and so enjoyable. Always feel great after and would definitely recommend!

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Whether you’re looking to take back control of your health or you want to achieve your weight loss goal before your wedding day, my personalised weight loss programmes for women and brides are just what you need to begin your journey.

"Beanie is a true GODSEND! Having been diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, I have struggled with my weight and proper nutrition for a long time! The thought of changing my diet and exercising more has always overwhelmed and scared me. With Beanie’s help I finally feel strong enough to address these things. It’s only been six weeks, but the changes are already massive. Beanie is gently pushing on the right track at my own pace. Even when things don’t go as planned, she never makes me feel bad in any way, but instead encourages me to continue. At the same time she also doesn’t let me get away with (lame) excuses, which I definitely need! I feel like I have already learnt so much about nutrition and my own body and for the first time in many years, I feel like I might actually loose the weight and live a happy and healthy life even with PCOS. I am only at the beginning of this journey, but without Beanie I wouldn’t be on this journey at all. Thank you so much for everything!"
"Beanie has been a joy to work with! She is warm, thoughtful, thorough, and always happy to put in more time and effort into any question or concern one may have. Her programs are incredibly tailored to the individual and prioritise flexibility and kindness to oneself"
Absolutely brilliant online nutritionist! Beanie is kind and easy to talk to. She will push you when needed but in a way which is encouraging and non judgmental.
Olivia Spencer


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